- Mal, you don’t have to die alone.

- Everyone dies alone.


The Endless List of Fabulous Female Characters From Film and Television:

Kaylee Frye ◊ Firefly 
Everything’s shiny cap’n. Not to fret.


#Simon’s entire existence is a you tried star


 #how authoritative of you captain tightpants

This is what working with children is like.


firefly/character tropes-simon tam


firefly/character tropes-zoe washburne

 You know what the first thing of flying is, Little Albatross? Well of course you do. You can read my mind.  Love. You can know all the math in the ‘verse, you take a bird in the air you don’t love it’ll shake you just as sure as the worlds turn. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down. Tells you she’s hurting ‘fore she keens. Makes her a home.


firefly/character tropes-zoe washburne