jaynes-hat asked: Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blog and tag them.

Okay, let’s see (I’m so bad at these)…

1. I am the oldest child in my family

2. My siblings and I all have red hair, but our parents have brown hair

3. When I was ten I said my favorite color was “rainbow”                            

4. Now my favorite color is blue                                                                      

5. My first Whedonverse show was Firefly, then I watched Dr. Horrible, Buffy, then Angel                                                                

6. I am currently a freshman in college

7. I work as a Lifeguard                                                                              

8. I went to a grunion run last night (it’s this thing when these fish called grunions jump up onto the beach to mate)                      

9. I started learning Spanish when I was 7

10. I love all the Browncoats that follow this blog!

Stay Shiny!


Anonymous asked: SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2012! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

Wow! This means I’m one of someone’s favorite blogs! :D Okay, here are some random things: 

So there you go, anon, thanks for snowballing me. You should talk to me non-anon! (I’m sure that’s what all the bloggers say…)   SORRY FOR THE BREAK IN FIREFLY BROWNCOATS, NOW BACK TO THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.




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