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More Firefly?

With the Veronica Mars Kickstarter getting a lot of buzz, I have seen some discussions pop up about Firefly using the same tactic to continue the story. What are your opinions? Would you want more seasons? Would you donate to the kickstarter if it were to happen?

The best thing is that almost all of the images that come up when you google search “firefly”  are from the TV show. 

Title: UnknownBallad of Serenity
Artist: UnknownSonny Rhodes
Album: UnknownFirefly Soundtrack
Played: 26545 times


Deleted scene from Serenity


For his day job, 37-year-old mechanical engineer Adrian Drake designs combustion science experiments for the International Space Station. In his off time, Drake (also known in the Lego community as brickfrenzy) loves to build large-scale custom Lego masterpieces.

His latest effort resulted in the creation of a 70,000-piece replica of the Serenity spaceship from the 2002 cult classic sci-fi TV show “Firefly” (and subsequent 2005 film “Serenity”).

The larger-than-life Serenity ship took Drake roughly 475 hours over 21 months to assemble. Don’t expect to pick up this creation and fly it around easily, though, as the behemoth Lego Serenity ship weighs 135 pounds measures an astounding length of 7 feet, 2 inches.

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Behind the scenes of Serenity


Mmm. Yes. Good.


by Oune


In honor of the tenth anniversary of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” I drew Serenity, using pen and ink. I will add colour later! Happy tenth, fellow Browncoats! Keep flying.


by ferresan